Olga Twombly
Leesburg VA
Licensed Breeder

As stated in the welcome page, WhiteFang ISSR Shilohs is located east of Leesburg in the Lansdowne subdivision of fast growing Loudoun County, Virginia. We live in a single family home, with a fenced-in yard for the dogs to run and exercise in. Our dogs are house dogs, who sleep in our bedroom with us.

I named my kennel WhiteFang after one of my favorite childhood books, White Fang, by Jack London. The book tells the story of a half dog-half wolf named White Fang and his experiences in the wilderness of the Yukon Territory. This book started my fascination with wolves, their family values and pack structure.

My family consists of my husband Wayne, our daughter Monica and our Shilohs Orion and Kuma. Although my husband and daughter love Orion, and help take care of him, they’re not interested in my passion for breeding, showing and competition trials. They tell me, this is my hobby. LOL

As many before me, I first became interested in the Shiloh Shepherds when I was searching for a GSD. However, I was not impressed with their size, sloped backs or their temperaments. While looking through a dog magazine, I read about the Shiloh Shepherd, and decided to investigate. There! At last! The dog I was looking for! I was instantly in love! I joined the SSDCA Shiloh forum on the internet, avidly reading stories about these amazing dogs, and read every article I could find on the breed.

At first, I was only looking for a pet companion. But, after reading many articles by the breed founder, Tina Barber, I began to see her need for other breeders’ help to continue the expansion of the breed. And after attending a few shows, I was bitten by the show bug! Soon, I visited her home, New Zion Shilohs, in order to select which litter my dog would come from, and to join her Licensed Breeders in training program. In May 2002, I chose a kennel name, signed the ISSR Breeder’s Code of Ethics, and the ISSR Licensed Breeders Agreement.  I also joined the OSS, or Original Shiloh Shepherd Academy, and continue my reading and studying of the breed.

I currently have one male pet Shiloh, Orion and on intact male, Kuma, who will help establish my stud program.


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