Zion's Vision for WhiteFang aka Kuma
b. December 3, 2006 | Gray Sable Plush | more pictures
sire: GV NS bCanCH Vision’s Chain of Command | dam: bCHptd Vision’s Kira-Belle of Zion

Zion’s Vision for WhiteFang, aka Kuma is a plush gray sable born 12/3/06 out of the 2006 Kira/Chain litter born at Vision kennels.

He is being raised in our home, as part of our family and sleeps in our bedroom with his brother Orion. Kuma is very independent and strong minded. He is challenging me to find new ways to train him.

We plan to start Puppy Kindergarten in April and will also attend our first conformation show in April in NC. He also has very high prey drive and we may look into sheep herding when he gets a little older. I’m looking forward to watching this boy grow as I have high expectations for him!

to be completed when Kuma is of age
KUMA (Nu Draconis). The faintest star that makes the skewed box of Draco's (the Dragon's) head is one of the favorite, and most-easily seen, double stars of the northern sky. Even steadily-held binoculars will split it into two nearly identical white stars, the two separated by a large 62 seconds of arc. The proper and un-traditional name "Kuma" is of obscure meaning, one source suggesting "at last," but why is anybody's guess. Another meaning of Japanese origin: Bear.



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